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The Evolution of Tie Pins: From Ornament to Fashion Statement

Tie pins or tie clips are small embellishments used to adorn the tie. Their history dates back to the early 19th century when the English started wearing cravats with stick pins to hold them in place. Over time, tie pins gained popularity, and their designs became more diverse. From animal heads to knife and fork motifs, these accessories became a fashion statement embraced by both men and women. By the 1890s, tie pins had crossed gender lines, with women incorporating them into their sporting outfits for various activities.

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Elevate Your Style with Custom Tie Pins

Accessorize with Style: Custom Tie Pins for a Polished Look


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Elevate Your Brand with Custom Tie Pins

Beyond special events, tie pins can play a role in enhancing your brand’s recognition and value. Consider incorporating custom tie pins into your employees’ uniforms, creating a sense of unity and professionalism. These thoughtful and impactful promotional products have the potential to transform your branding game, leaving a lasting impression on clients and stakeholders.

Why Choose Pin It Up for Promotional Tie Pins?

Tie pins not only serve as fashion accessories but can also be utilized as effective promotional products. In a world filled with customized items like diaries and pens, tie pins offer a refreshing and unique approach. At ‘Pin it up,’ we specialize in providing out-of-the-box ideas for promotional tie pins. Imagine adding a custom tie pin to each invite box or PR package for your brand meetings and events. This innovative promotional product will capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

At Pin It Up, we strive to bring the next new trend in custom promotional products to India and beyond. Our dedicated team focuses on delivering the best through custom-designed products that can be included in PR packages and invite boxes. We understand our clients’ preferences and ensure that our products align with their branding goals. Making custom promotional products for brands and business owners is our expertise, and we would be delighted to be part of your promotional campaign.

The advantages of Using Tie Pins are as follows 

  1. Keeps Your Tie in Place: A tie pin keeps your tie neatly in place, preventing it from swinging or shifting during the day.
  2. Polished and Professional Look: It adds sophistication to your outfit, giving you a polished and professional appearance.
  3. Prevents Accidents: Tie pins prevent accidents like dipping your tie in food or getting caught in doors.
  4. Versatile Accessory: Tie pins come in various styles, allowing you to express your style and complement different outfits.
  5. Maintains Tie Length: They ensure your tie stays at the proper length, eliminating the need for constant adjustments.

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Expanding to the UK, UAE, and India

We are proud to announce our expansion to the UK and UAE, in addition to our presence in India. If you have friends or family residing in these regions, they can easily reach out to us via our email, website, or phone number. Simply visit our website to explore the wide range of specialized products we offer. We are committed to fulfilling our clients' needs and providing customized solutions tailored to their preferences.

Common Questions

Asked Questions

Are you among those individuals who desire customized products but have numerous inquiries that need answers?

No worries! We have got your back. Based on your art or description and the use of the item, we will suggest an appropriate process. If there is more than one type that will work, we will let you know what benefits each has, but we will always recommend one.

According to our company's policy, we do not offer options. We only have 1 fixed base model for all our tie pieces fitting but platings can be changed according to how you want it. We can customise you logo on the top in any technique and form.

Yes, it is correct that the tie clips work with all kinds of tie as long as a tie clip isn’t wider than the tie it’s worn with, the material or pattern of the tie doesn’t matter.

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