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We all love to decorate our homes. We find excuses to buy new stuff for our homes. For instance, Everyone loves ‘Diwali time’ because we buy pristine bedsheets, crockery, and almost everything to make our house look beautiful.

Does it happen that someone else gifts you something for your home, and you love that? It happens almost every time around Diwali. 

How about gifting your employees and clients custom home and living items that can also help you promote your brand? 

Being business owners and brand owners, it’s the right time to think mindfully and strategically to grow your business with excellent branding and marketing ideas. Gone are the days of brochures and pamphlets; people love to see creative things in the industry. 

You must be thinking, what are we talking about? So, we are talking about custom products for marketing and corporate gifting that help you subtly promote your brand within the homes.


Fridge Magnets

Why Pin It Up

'Pin it up' is a brand dealing in custom products. We would love to bring the 'Next New Trend' to India. The trend of custom and personalized products for marketing and branding. The direction of personalization in business events and conferences. 

We work step by step. Our team of skilled designers helps clients understand their needs and provides them with the best corporate gifting items for the brand. After you finalize the product, we will work on it diligently and provide you with a deadline. We promise to provide it before or on time. 

'Pin it up' is a digitally equipped brand, so it's not rocket science to order from us. Hopping onto the website is the solution.

Our Working Process


Inquire about your specific needs and preferences.

Product / Specification

Share your product specifications & get digital samples.


Once the details are finalized, the production process commences.


Upon completion, your products will be delivered to your doorstep.

Boost Brand Recognition with Personalized Corporate Gifts

Fridge Magnets: Custom fridge magnets can be a great way to market a brand. A brand can get its logo and name engraved on the magnet, and this custom magnet can be a part of your PR package. These PR packages can be distributed at formal events or conferences. Every time someone passes their fridge or opens it, they will be reminded of your brand. Hence, your brand visibility will increase.

Mugs: Mugs are everyone’s best friend. Whenever someone reaches for morning tea or coffee, your custom mug will catch their eye. Seeing your brand name and logo on the mug will enhance the brand’s visibility. 

Bottles: No matter what your age or gender is, everyone loves to have a nice bottle, whether they are going to school, the workplace, the gym, or yoga. So, how about custom bottles? Bottles are a perfect way to market your brand name. 

So, what are you waiting for? Please scroll through our website and get your custom corporate gifting items right away.

Other Gift Categories You Can Shop For

Office Essentials

Workplace necessities for productivity and efficiency

Fashion Accessories

Stylish adornments for personal expression.

Awards & Trophies

Elevate Achievement with Exquisite Awards and Trophies.

Travel Accessories

Essentials for hassle-free journeys and adventures.

Common Questions

Asked Questions

Are you one of those who wish to get products customized but have a lot of questions that you require a solution?

We offer various customization options, including logo placement, color choices, and design variations. You can tailor these products to match your unique preferences, whether it's for personal use or brand promotion.

Absolutely! Our mugs, fridge magnets, and bottles make excellent corporate gifts and promotional items. They can be personalized with your company's logo, message, or branding elements to leave a lasting impression on clients, partners, or event attendees.

We take pride in using high-quality materials and adhering to strict quality standards for all our products. Our mugs, fridge magnets, and bottles are designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that they not only look great but also serve their intended purpose effectively.

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